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Stronger than ever

10 years of success in the United Kingdom


Ariño Duglass has consolidated its position as a key player in cutting edge architectural glass in the United Kingdom through success and improvement across the last 10 years, generating trust and passion among our partners and clients.

In 1998, Ariño Duglass entered the UK market.
2007 was to prove the beginning of a fruitful decade, with the execution of the Curve Theatre project in Leicester. Since then, we have produced over 200,000 m2 of glass for a wide range of emblematic buildings in the UK, such as the roof light at Airport, the Olympic Aquatic Centre for London 2012 by architect Zaha Hadid and the Edinburgh Convention Centre. These 10 successful years in the UK culminate in 2017 with the inauguration of the renovated Centre Point, the first skyscraper built in London.

In the coming years, the presence of Ariño Duglass is assured in the United Kingdom, with participation in important projects such as Principal Place Tower (Norman Foster + Partners) and The Bower Old Street, both in London, and Sensor City, in Liverpool.

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