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Ariño Duglass controls the main glass transformation processes:
Cutting. polishing, mechanization, waterjet cutting and mechanization, silk-screen printing, tempered, curved glass, layers of energetic control, safety laminate, insulating glass manufacturing and other processes taht give the glass different functions.

The entirety of the processes cover the necessities demanded in those sectors where glass is a fundamental element thereby offering an optimal and high quality solution at all times.

The range of products offered by Ariño Duglass adapts to customers needs, offering:
  • Glass with a higher degree of safety both physically as a barrier against infractions, armed robbery or attacks.
  • Glass resistant to thermal shocks.
  • Glass that provides optimal saving of energy in both air conditioning and heating.
  • VGlass with improved acoustic attenuation.
  • Esthetically exclusive glass.
  • A wide range of colours obtained in laminated glass thanks to the product called Stralami Color.

50 years of experience in the glass sector giving it characteristics and improving its thermal, solar, acoustic, its resistance or its esthetic properties are a guarantee of the quality at the disposal of our customers.
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